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Directly off the N33 in the Facility Centre. Interested? Please contact account manager Erik Bertholet (+31 6-53939275)


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Groningen Railport

Groningen Railport in Veendam is one of the Netherlands’ biggest inland rail terminals. Groningen Railport manages the terminal on behalf of the shareholders Groningen Seaports and the Municipality of Veendam. The rail terminal was previously known as Rail Service Center Groningen (RSCG).

Groningen Railport is especially important for containers as a logistics hub between the main ports in the west (Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp) and the north (Bremen, Hamburg). Groningen Railport is also connected to the European timetable for conventional rail transport. Together with Groningen’s sea ports – Eemshaven and Delfzijl – and the city of Groningen itself, Groningen Railport provides a complete northern logistics system.

Groningen Railport

Bezoekadres: Spoorhavenweg 17, 9645 LZ Veendam
Postadres: Postbus 20003, 9640 PA  Veendam Tel.: +31 (0)598-631535

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